Wednesday, May 19, 2010

had to share

~If I had my child to raise all over again; I'd do less correcting & more connecting, fingerpaint more & point finger less, take my eyes off my watch & watch with my eyes, care to know less & care to know more, stop playing serious & seriously play, I'd take time to see the trees & acorns more often, be firm less often & affirm much more, model less about the love of power-and more about the power of love.~unknown

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First date (:

So my sailor is finally home. we got to hang out the other night. lets just say i only got one hour of sleep. and no it wasnt because of that, we ended up washing his uniforms at 2:30 am so that theyd be clean for him the next morning. While waiting on the clothes to get done we rode up to walmart and spent a couple hours in there looking through the toy and car sections lol. of course this worked up an appetite, leading us to a taco stand. By the time we got home it was 5:30 am and he had to go in at 7. All in all, i ended up crashing last night but it was so worth it. id get on submarine schedule for him. (: so glad hes home.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh my goodness

So today i got a three pack of post it notes so that when my wonderful sailor does return ill be able to hide random post it notes around his room/ car for him to find. Im actually having a pretty good time just writing them, they remind me of how special he is to me and how much i love him. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world sometimes. (: Our love is deployment strong.

Friday, May 7, 2010

And all that Jazzzzzz

Got a surprise 3rd email from my amazing sailor recently, I wasnt even expecting one for this underway!! I had explained to him in an email how i had starting taking care of a cat i found and that above any other subject ive covered (ranging from apartment finds for us and all types of important things) is what he decided to write about. It was so cute, haha. I checked my email to find one titled kitty cat and it was from him. I told him days before it came that i couldnt think of a name for my new edition. So the email that i got simply said: "Call it Chloe. I've always wanted to have a cat named chloe. so yeah :] Love you!" lol, that was it. We use codenames for each other so no dear highlighter socks, no love snake. Nopeee that was the entire email. LOL. Im so glad that he was able to take a minute to send it and he was obviously very busy, otherwise he wouldve signed it and put little x's and o's but thought it was pretty funny all he decided to say was what to name my cat. haha. i love him so much. (:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lets slip away

Hey i have an idea, lets put our worries aside for a little while and just live!
Feel the adrenaline pumping, the wind in our hair, sun on our skin.
Lets get away my love and stay in that moment for as long as we can.
Blast the music, reach for my hand and ill slip away with you.
Slip away like how we always do.
In total carefree happiness when were together.
We're going to be great and do great things, who cares what anyone has to say about it?
You told me youd be my strength, so i hold on with all my might.
The distance doesnt change the fact that youre my support.
I need you sometimes, but have adapted to this life.
Youre away right now but youll be home before we know it.
I push through everyday waiting until the day comes when youre only a phone call away again.
I replay it over again as i sit back and think of the happy life we have to look forward to.
If i could just be next to you right now and feel your arms around me, i would be the happiest girl alive.
We'd drive to that spot by the beach and sit in silence, no words need to be said.
I know what youre thinking about becuase im thinking about it too.
The waves hit the shore, the sun starts to go down and we sit and remember the days when we first fell in love, how happy we were and slip back to that place.
Even if its only for a little while.

written for mike. my best friend, my sailor & hero, the love of my life. - Jacquie

Music Is

A close friend of mine wrote this and it describes music in a way that moves me and opens my eyes, ive never heard a better explanation.

"I breathe to a beat, My heart stays on the rhythm Close my eyes, Lose myself in the melody Musical messiah, Save me from the hell in me. Turn up the tempo, free from my sanity. What is music? A simple question, but not so easy to answer. Music, is the way to express things that cannot be said, thoughts that find no words. have you noticed, that language barriers don't exist in music? Nope, they aren't there. That's because you can't write a song or a melody using your brain, that's just noise. Useless crap thrown out on the airwaves, oh yes, it's out there by the thousands. No, Music my dear, music comes from the heart. You sing from the soul, put your all into every note, express in sound what can't be said in speech. Lyrics aren't the heart of the music, only the story behind it. They convey what you thought, or how you saw the situation, but it's the notes that tell how you felt." - Jeremiah Black