Sunday, May 2, 2010

Music Is

A close friend of mine wrote this and it describes music in a way that moves me and opens my eyes, ive never heard a better explanation.

"I breathe to a beat, My heart stays on the rhythm Close my eyes, Lose myself in the melody Musical messiah, Save me from the hell in me. Turn up the tempo, free from my sanity. What is music? A simple question, but not so easy to answer. Music, is the way to express things that cannot be said, thoughts that find no words. have you noticed, that language barriers don't exist in music? Nope, they aren't there. That's because you can't write a song or a melody using your brain, that's just noise. Useless crap thrown out on the airwaves, oh yes, it's out there by the thousands. No, Music my dear, music comes from the heart. You sing from the soul, put your all into every note, express in sound what can't be said in speech. Lyrics aren't the heart of the music, only the story behind it. They convey what you thought, or how you saw the situation, but it's the notes that tell how you felt." - Jeremiah Black

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