Friday, May 7, 2010

And all that Jazzzzzz

Got a surprise 3rd email from my amazing sailor recently, I wasnt even expecting one for this underway!! I had explained to him in an email how i had starting taking care of a cat i found and that above any other subject ive covered (ranging from apartment finds for us and all types of important things) is what he decided to write about. It was so cute, haha. I checked my email to find one titled kitty cat and it was from him. I told him days before it came that i couldnt think of a name for my new edition. So the email that i got simply said: "Call it Chloe. I've always wanted to have a cat named chloe. so yeah :] Love you!" lol, that was it. We use codenames for each other so no dear highlighter socks, no love snake. Nopeee that was the entire email. LOL. Im so glad that he was able to take a minute to send it and he was obviously very busy, otherwise he wouldve signed it and put little x's and o's but thought it was pretty funny all he decided to say was what to name my cat. haha. i love him so much. (:

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